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Before you take the time to send us a question, check out the Frequently Asked Questions below. For technical questions about Mountain Hardwear products, please contact your preferred Mountain Hardwear Dealer.

Please note: Mountain Hardwear Europe is a wholesale manufacturer only. Please contact your Mountain Hardwear Dealer for sales, returns, exchanges, or basic product questions.


In Europe
e-mail: europe-consumers@mountainhardwear.com


Where can I purchase Mountain Hardwear products?

You can find our products in shops throughout Europe and the rest of the world. For dealers in Europe, Canada, the United States and select countries worldwide, use the Dealer Locator. If you have problems finding a particular item, contact your local dealer.

Do you sell directly to consumers?

Mountain Hardwear Europe distributes its products through specialty outdoor shops with employees who are knowledgeable about our products. To purchase our products online, see our online dealers listing.

Can I return or exchange a Mountain Hardwear item directly through you?

We’re sorry, but as we do not sell direct in Europe, we do not offer returns or exchanges. Returns and exchanges need to be processed through a retailer (preferably the retail store from whom the product was purchased). Please contact the dealers in your area to see if they would be willing to work with you. To locate a dealer near you, use our dealer locator.


e-mail: europe-consumers@mountainhardwear.com


Why don't you assign temperature ratings to your clothing?

We do not offer temperature ratings on our clothing simply because it is impossible to assign them–the environmental conditions, your metabolism, your circulation, what you’re doing, how quickly you warm up, your layering options when you go out, etc. all provide too many widely–differing variables from individual to individual to be able to offer any sort of guidelines.

How can I find out what size I am in your products?

There is a link to our sizing chart on each product page.

I'm in–between sizes. Do you offer customization?

Unfortunately, we do not offer build-to-order, or customization services.


What is the difference between Average Minimum and Average Packaged Weights?

According to the guidelines put forth by the Tent Manufacturers Association, average weights are specified as such:

Average Minimum Weight: Tent canopy, rainfly (if applicable) and poles.

Average Packaged Weight: As purchased at the dealer; tent canopy, rainfly (if applicable), poles, tent pegs, tent stuff sack, pole stuff sack, peg stuff sack, guy line, guy line adjusters, user manual(s), repair items and whatever else is included by the manufacturer.

What is a single–wall tent and what is a double-wall tent?

Most people are very familiar with double-wall tent designs—they feature the canopy of the tent (the first wall) and a separate, removable rainfly (the second wall). While the rainfly offers a lot of versatility (offering not only protection from wind and rain, but privacy and UV protection), it can make the tent that you carry into the backcountry somewhat heavy. This is why single-wall tents were developed. Instead of having the weight from that extra piece of material that some people might decide to be excessive, the tent canopy is made from the same waterproof material that is used in rainflys. By offering the same level of protection from rain in the canopy, the result is a lighter tent which also offers simpler set-up (even in rainy conditions).

Do any of your single–wall tents experience condensation?

While our Crossflow Technology makes our single–wall tents among the best-ventilated designs available, there are instances where you might see condensation of various levels in them depending on the conditions in which you might use them. Keep in mind that double-wall designs can have just as much, if not more condensation but the amount of condensation tends to be masked by the water vapor collecting on the rainfly instead of on the canopy wall. For some people, condensation might be worth the risk in order to get a lighter tent. For others, condensation just is not worth it. For this latter group of people, we recommend that you consider a double-wall tent design instead.

How can I get a replacement pole or rainfly for my tent?

Please contact our Warranty Department. europe-consumers@mountainhardwear.com


Do your sleeping bags zip together?

All of our current sleeping bags with the exception of our Mountain Goat children's bags and the Superlight (Phantom and UltraLamina) line of sleeping bags have the ability to be zipped to another of the opposing zipper orientation. We only test this feature with our own sleeping bags. However, other manufacturers' sleeping bags manufactured after 1996 that feature a full–length, YKK #8 zipper should also work.


Does Mountain Hardwear have a product testing program?

While we really appreciate the offer, all of our product testing is covered by our sponsored athlete team and our own employees. That said, we always welcome any feedback you might have from using our products in the field! Visit our Facebook page and join the discussion.


Where are your products made?

Mountain Hardwear manufactures products in many countries around the world, choosing our manufacturing partners based on product quality, industry experience, dedicated and honest working relations, human rights issues, environmental concerns, and economics. Our gear is made by people who believe in craftsmanship. We make small production runs of complicated technical equipment and are, therefore, selective about the materials we use and who produces them. We assemble materials from all over the world – all from companies that share our philosophy of creating the best possible gear. We want to be assured that the gear we sell, gear on which the buyer sometimes stakes his/her life, is as good as we can make it.

In order to maintain high standards for decent and human working conditions in our manufacturing operations, Mountain Hardwear has established specific guidelines for its manufacturing partners around the world.